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My Story

Hope is being able to see stars even in the darkness.

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I was diagnosed with an advanced and aggressive form of breast cancer when I was 39 years old.

In the days that followed diagnosis- I was so angry and disappointed with myself. Angry because I hadn't been taking care of my health or myself for a long time and I knew that I could actually die. Disappointed because my priorities were such a mess!

Work ruled my life and left little time for anything that was good for me. My life lacked any kind of balance and now I was going to be fighting cancer with a body that was seriously exhausted; both mentally and physically.

The future can be better than the present. I have the power to make it so!

The year of chemo, radiation, and multiple surgeries that followed left me fiercely determined  to never go back to "that place" again! I felt a strong desire to share my story and my knowledge to help others avoid ever being in that horrible position where they felt like they hadn't done the right thing with their lives.


I am not what happened to me; I am what I chose to become!

The more I empowered myself the more hope I felt! And it wasn't just the physical aspect of healing- I was healing mentally as well.

As I started implementing solutions, my spark and my energy returned, and one morning I woke up thinking "I feel incredible!"

Although, I have considered myself "healed" for a long time, I still continue to seek out and implement solutions that make me stronger physically, mentally and financially.

Today, I am blessed to be able to share these solutions with others and help them begin their own journey to empowerment.

The best years of your life are in front of you, not behind you!

Getting to know The Empowered Boxer Girl

My days are crazy blessed by two amazing boxers (Duke & Jazzy) that share their house with me just an hour north of beautiful Pittsburgh, PA.  I have lived in Pittsburgh, San Diego and Orlando over the last 20 years and have been back in my hometown since 2015!

I enjoy staying active, spending time with my boxers, working on my home, entertaining family and friends, cooking & baking, and being creative.  I love to travel, explore, and spend time outdoors.


Ready to be empowered?

I would absolutely love to show you solutions to help you reach all of your goals. Together, we can figure out exactly what an empowered life looks like to you...

There is absolutely no time like the present to start turning your dreams into your reality.